Your family's cure,

our scientists' mission.

The Road to a Cure Starts Now:

At Everlum, our mission is to transform the drug discovery process by providing exceptional management of drug development, research, and data. We are committed to revolutionizing the rare disease industry and improving the lives of patients worldwide through our industry leading Cure Plan project management program. We developed this program so that parents and families don’t need to be scientists, business owners, researchers and project managers. Everlum is here to do just that and much more.

Dedicated Science Team

You are not alone in this journey. You have access to our team of scientists who are working to find a cure for your disease. We are with you every step of the way.

You Own Your Data and IP

You have full control over all your data and IP. You can download it, share it, or remove it at any time. It truly is yours.

Personalized Drug Development Dashboard

Our platform allows you to store all information relating to the disease we are working to cure as well as an updated timeline showing you exactly where you are in the journey.

People are Talking about Everlum

“Everlum is providing the process for families to find cures for our kids”

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